Suzuki King Quad 400 Auto

Vehicle Price
£ 5999.00 plus VAT
Green or red
Fuel Type

Features Suzuki King Quad

The new KingQuad 400 auto, like its predecessor, is built for simplicity and is now even easier to use with fuel injection providing smooth power delivery and a digital display giving clear readings at a glance.

The new multi-function display incorporates a speedometer, odometer, trip-meter, hour-meter, clock, fuel gauge and everything else you might need out in the field.

As well as giving a great responsive feel, the fuel injection system provides improved cold starting and greater fuel efficiency to keep you going longer between fill-ups.

The 400 retains our advanced engine braking system, which gives greater control and reduces brake wear and the handy 'in gear' starting capability is included as standard.

The 376cc engine delivers plenty of power for most farm and estate work. Specially designed tyres, four-wheel drive and high/low range will get you through, over or round just about anything the local landscape can put in your way.

The KingQuad 400 auto features our efficient fuel injection system so you can depend on impressive fuel economy and great reliability. The 32mm throttle body and cylinder head work to deliver smooth power and torque for everything from creeping around the paddock to charging across fields.

Adding further to the practicality, the digital multifunction display incorporates a speedometer, odometer, trip-meter, hour-meter, clock and fuel gauge – everything you might need out in the wilderness.

While the selectable 2 or 4-wheel drive with high and low ratios, independent front suspension and dual hydraulic front discs let you know you’re in safe hands regardless of the challenges ahead.

Multi-function digital display

The new multi-function digital display has all the information you need and is easy to read at a quick glance.

Twin-shock rear suspension

Dual rear-shock suspension arrangement offers improved rider comfort.

Fuel injection

Fuel injection adds to the reliability and brings an increase in power and torque whilst maintaining great economy.


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